Stackdoor Stapelhekken
Stackable - Aesthetic - Burglar-resistant

Shops around the corner

“The baker on the corner” and other shops are synonymous with the SME in the Netherlands. Entrepreneurs who are prominently visible with a building in the shopping street. The baker, jeweler or bicycle shop goes further and further to offer customers an optimal presentation and unforgettable experience with their shop.

As soon as the store is closed, security becomes an additional theme. However, the pursuit of an optimal presentation and an unforgettable experience is difficult to reconcile with a storefront closed by steel shutters.

Stackdoor meets the wishes of the retailers to present their products in an attractive way, even after closing time. Experience is important. Even architectural challenges such as straight or rounded corners in facades can be protected against burglary. With a transparency of more than 85%, the entire shop window remains visible. In this way, safety and a good night’s rest are guaranteed without concessions.

The Stackdoor Corner protects facades with corners in 1 piece.

The Stackdoor Curved is used for shop windows with rounded corners.

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