Stackdoor Stapelhekken
Stackable - Aesthetic - Burglar-resistant
stackdoor stapelhekken xxl grote afmetingen

Stackdoor XXL – Stacking Fences

The Stackdoor stacking fences are available in large sizes. Stackdoor is an aesthetic alternative to roller grilles or shutters. The XXL version secures entrances up to 24 m wide and 7 m high. These dimensions are not achievable with a classic rolling grille. Moreover, Stackdoor stacking fences are the most stylish solution.

Stackdoor® is an innovative security grille whose elements stack instead of rolling up. Composed of side profiles guiding horizontal steel tubes (stainless orgalvanized) and vertical steel connectors (stainless or galvanized), Stackdoor® can be used in any situation, even those where the installation volume is extremely small. Thanks to the unique “stack-and-pin” technology, the vertical connector rods disappear into the horizontal tubes thanks to clever perforations and the grille retracts vertically by stacking rather than rolling up.

An anti-burglary security solution, Stackdoor® is in the process of EN 1627-1630 standardization for levels RC2 & RC3 and CE compliance. Stackdoor® has a unique patented mechanism that automatically locks after the grille is closed, making it impossible to force lift it.

Stackdoor®, in addition to offering protection, also guarantees visibility and air circulation with a slim and strong design. Available in STANDARD, CORNER, CURVED & XXL versions, Stackdoor® is an aesthetic grille suitable for all types of architecture, even the most original.

A space-saving design with minimal installation space

Stackdoor is made up of steel profiles and solid steel pins. Thanks to a unique stacking system, the steel connectors disappear into the horizontal beams when the gate is lifted. Unlike roller shutters, the security fence does not roll on its axis, but stacks upright. The large container in which a rolling grille has to be stored disappears as a result. Much or little installation space? Straight, round, corner or U-shape? Downward or upward closing? Extra wide passage or an extra narrow solution? Stackdoor can be used in virtually any situation. Thanks to the minimal installation space, the security fence can be perfectly combined with heat curtains and/or automatic doors.

Burglar-resistant: stronger than a roller grille or roller shutter

Because Stackdoor is not rolled up but stacks upright, there were no conditions attached to material thicknesses in the development of the fence. Stackdoor is therefore constructed from materials that are significantly stronger than those of traditional rolling grilles and has a unique patented mechanism that allows the gate to lock itself when closed. It is impossible to lift the gate. This gives you optimal protection against burglary, ram raids and vandalism.

Options and finishes


The Stackdoor stacking fence is supplied with a key switch as standard. All access controls are available as an option (card reader, badges, detectors, remote control, …).


Depending on the application, Stackdoor stacking fences are supplied with motors for a high or low opening and closing cycle.


The Stackdoor stacking fences can be supplied in different finishes:

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanised
  • Painted in all RAL colours

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