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Stackdoor XXL – Stacking Fences

The Stackdoor® stacking fences are available in large sizes. Stackdoor is an aesthetic alternative to roller grilles or shutters. The XXL version secures entrances up to 16 m wide and 7 m high. These dimensions are not achievable with a classic rolling grille. Moreover, Stackdoor stacking fences are the most stylish solution.

Stackdoor® is an innovative security fence whose elements stack instead of roll up. As a result, even large dimensions can be bridged without the risk of the shaft bending through, which is the case with classic rolling grilles.

Made to measure, also in XXL dimensions

The Stackdoor stacking grilles are completely custom-made. Thanks to our XXL concept, the stacking fences can be delivered up to a width of 16 m and a height of up to 7 m. The minimum dimensions are 1 m wide and 1 m high.

By placing multiple Stackdoors next to each other, the maximum width that can be bridged is in fact unlimited.

A space-saving design with minimal installation space

Stackdoor is made up of steel profiles and solid steel pins. Thanks to a unique stacking system, the steel connectors disappear into the horizontal beams when the gate is lifted. Unlike roller shutters, the security fence does not roll on its axis, but stacks upright. The large container in which a rolling grille has to be stored disappears as a result.

Despite the large dimensions of the Stackdoor XXL stacking fences, the installation dimensions remain minimal.

Stackdoor can be used in virtually any situation. Thanks to the minimal installation space, the security fence can be perfectly combined with heat curtains and/or automatic doors.

Options and finishes


The Stackdoor stacking fence is supplied with a key switch as standard. All access controls are available as an option (card reader, badges, detectors, remote control, …), after adding additional anti-collision safety devices.


Depending on the application, Stackdoor stacking grilles are supplied with a tubular motor or an external motor, with or without a frequency inverter for a controlled speed or to increase the frequency of opening and closing.


The Stackdoor stacking fences can be supplied in different finishes:

  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanised
  • Painted in all RAL colours

Stackdoor Configurator

Create your own Stackdoor and receive a personalized price calculation within 2 business days.

Alle informatie in één brochure

Download de brochure met de modellen, mogelijke configuraties, eigenschappen, voordelen en technische specificaties.

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