stackdoor security of public access points

Security of public access points

Stackdoor® is the ideal security gate for securing access points to public buildings. It combines an aesthetic appearance with burglary-resistant properties and can be configured in straight, curved, or corner shapes.

Securing public access after closing time, for example, museums, shopping centers, sports stadiums, government buildings, … comes with various challenges.

Stackdoor® provides the perfect solution for each of these challenges:

  • Large entrances: Securing large openings is not feasible with a traditional roller shutter. However, Stackdoor® can handle large dimensions. The maximum width is 16 m in one piece. Moreover, even larger openings can be spanned by combining multiple Stackdoor® security gates.
  • Revolving doors: Due to their round shape, security gates must follow this form. Because Stackdoor® is stacked when closed, the shape is not limited to a straight form. Curved and semicircular shapes are also perfectly possible, making Stackdoor® the only security gate suitable for proper protection of swing doors. By combining with straight gates or corners, even a swing door including straight display windows can be secured in one piece, without intermediate profiles.
  • Limited installation space: Often, the space above an entrance door is occupied by air curtains, leaving insufficient free space for a roller shutter. Stackdoor® is not thicker than the profile thickness when open because they are stacked on top of each other.
  • Aesthetic appearance is important: When the building to be secured is architecturally beautiful, it’s a pity to use a traditional gray and dull roller shutter to close off the entrances. Stackdoor® has a modern, pleasant, yet timeless look, making it suitable for buildings with both modern and classical architecture. Moreover, Stackdoor® can be supplied in stainless steel, galvanized, or powder-coated in the desired RAL color.
  • Special architecture: Buildings with organic-shaped facades or entrances are difficult to secure with a traditional roller shutter without compromising the integrity of the special architectural forms. With Stackdoor®, besides standard straight shapes, curved and semicircular shapes can be secured. Additionally, corner shapes in one piece with one or more random angles are possible, without corner profiles or intermediate profiles. This is done with full respect for the original architecture.

Be sure to take a look at the pages detailing our various forms:

Stackdoor Configurator

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