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Transparent shutters for shop windows and display windows

Transparent roller shutters from Stackdoor® are the most beautiful burglar-resistant security fences for shop windows and boutiques. Even when the burglar-resistant roller shutter is closed, the view of your shop window remains optimal.

Stackdoor® security grilles are unique in their kind: they are not real roller shutters because they are not rolled up when closed. Stackdoor® elements are stacked. Both in open and closed condition, this feature ensures that Stackdoor® is much more aesthetic than a classic transparent roller shutter, while still guaranteeing the advantages of a transparent roller shutter.

Transparent shutters

A transparent roller shutter from Stackdoor® is a burglar-resistant solution that still guarantees an unobstructed visibility of >82% when the roller gate is closed. It has a stylish appearance and has very good burglar-resistant properties. This combination makes it one of the most beautiful security solutions and perfect for stores that want to protect and display their valuable goods after closing time. Jewelers and other luxury boutiques, among others, often opt for this representative and safe roller shutter.

Stackdoor transparent shutters

The transparency of these roller fences is a great asset because even after closing time the goods in your display window remain maximally visible. Especially in places where a lot of people pass by your shop window after closing time, such as in airports, metro stations, train stations, … this is a form of ‘natural’ marketing.

What many business owners do not know is that in more and more European cities in shopping centers and shopping streets it is forbidden to install completely closed shutters. For various reasons, a minimum transparency of the roller shutters is required. The street scene appears less deserted, it is often less dark due to the window lighting and the closed roller shutter has a less aggressive appearance. These are all things that increase the feeling of safety. Stackdoor®, with its transparency of >82%, perfectly complies with this legislation.

If, for example, a burglar has gained access to the building by another means, he is visible from the street side of a transparent roller shutter when he enters the store. With a fully closed roller shutter, the burglar would be hidden from view and can act reasonably undisturbed. With a transparent roller shutter, that situation is being avoided.

Security grilles with special shapes

The Stackdoor® stacking fences are also available in shapes and sizes that cannot be realized with classic transparent roller shutters. That’s because the elements are stacked instead of being rolled up.

Commonly used special forms are:

Security fences in corner: when a shop window forms a corner, it is perfectly possible for a Stackdoor® Corner security grille to form this (random) corner in one whole. This means that no intermediate profiles are needed to connect the corners. This is not limited to one corner. Multiple random angles are possible.

Curved or semicircular security fences: often in projects we also have to deal with semicircular or curved shapes. Sometimes because it is desirable that a revolving door is also secured by the rolling gate, sometimes because it is necessary that the security grille takes into account the organic forms of the architecture of an entrance, façade or wall. These specific shapes can only be executed in an aesthetic way with a Stackdoor® Curved security grille. With a standard roller shutter you can never get this done.

Multiple combined shapes: The unique concept of stackdoor® security grilles makes it perfectly possible to combine curved and semicircular shapes with one or more corners. In this way, an entire wall, including the revolving door, can be secured in one whole and without intermediate profiles.

rolling gate, security fence with combined shapes

Extra large security fences: we regularly have to deal with very large shop windows or accesses that need to be secured. Stackdoor® can therefore be supplied in XXL dimensions, up to 16 m wide and 6 m high, in one whole.

Frequently asked questions about transparent roller shutters

Why a transparent roller shutter?

A transparent roller shutter ensures that even after the store closes, the goods remain visible. This way you continue to show your beautiful (luxury) items to passers-by, even if the store is closed. Due to the excellent burglar-resistant properties, your goods remain safe, despite the increased visibility.

Are transparent shutters mandatory?

In more and more European cities, fully closed shutters are prohibited and minimal visibility is mandatory. This is to increase the feeling of safety in shopping streets and shopping centers even after closing time and to give the street scene a less extinct appearance.

Are Stackdoor® stacking gates roller shutters safe?

The Stackdoor® stacking fences are CE certified. The stacking fences have a patented lifting protection. The elements are made of 2 mm thick steel profiles of 15 x 30 mm, making them much sturdier than classic rolling fences.

How are transparent shutters finished?

The Stackdoor® stacking fences can optionally be galvanized, in stainless steel or powder coated in the desired RAL color. As a result, the Stackdoor® security fences are extremely weather-resistant and fit in nicely with your corporate identity, with the rest of the windows and profiles of your retail or commercial building or with the architecture of the building. Because the security grille is stacked instead of rolling up, the paint is not damaged when opening or closing.

Are other forms possible than straight security grilles?

Stackdoor® security grilles are available in straight shapes, at one or more random angles, or in curved or semicircular shapes. This creates many possibilities in terms of architecture and security, in one whole, of walls with organic shapes.

Can a Stackdoor® stacking fence be installed anywhere?

Because the Stackdoor® security fences stack instead of rolling them up, the installation dimensions are much more compact than for a classic roller shutter. Often it is even possible to build the whole into the cavity of the outer wall. If the free space above the entrance of your store is limited because, for example, there is an air curtain or pipes above, in most cases a Stackdoor® can still be placed, thanks to its compact volume when opened.

Can a Stackdoor® be placed outside?

Stackdoor® security fences are very weatherproof. This makes them very suitable for placing them on the outside of the shop window. Whether they are placed inside or outside depends purely on your preference and on the structure of the shop window. If you place them on the inside of the display window, the security level is even higher because burglars are extra hindered by the extra barrier of the display window during their burglary attempts.

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