Aesthetic security grilles for retail storefronts, luxury shops and boutiques

A burglar-resistant security grille is an important part of the security of the display window and the entrance of a luxury store. Since luxury outlets and boutiques pay a lot of attention to their appearance, it is important that the security grille is aesthetically in line with the house style and architecture of the shops.

The slim profile and compact installation dimensions of the Stackdoor® stacking grilles ensure that they are the most suitable solution for securing luxury shops, boutiques, shopping centers, …

In addition, Stackdoor® has a number of unique properties that are indispensable for burglary-resistant yet aesthetic security grilles:


As a luxury boutique, it’s a shame to have to hide your beautiful items when the store is closed. However, the Stackdoor® stacking gates offer a transparency of more than 80%, while your shop window is optimally protected against burglary attempts. This ensures that passers-by have a maximum view of the contents of your shop window, even after closing time. This is an important asset if your store is located along a busy street or in a building where many passers-by pass by outside opening hours (eg airports, stations).

A transparent roller grille also increases the feeling of safety in shopping streets after closing time. For that reason, the installation of fully closed roller shutters is even banned in more and more cities and a certain degree of transparency must be guaranteed. The Stackdoor® stacking fences meet these imposed standards perfectly.

transparant security grille
The burglar-resistant yet open structure ensures great transparency

A slim profile with compact installation dimensions

The Stackdoor® shop shutters do not roll up but are stacked. As a result, the open stacking gate takes up much less space than a comparable rolling grille. And that naturally has a major impact on the aesthetic aspect and on the installation options of the stacking fences. It is often even possible to build in the stacking fence in the cavity opening of the facade.

When using air curtains above the entrance of the store, it is often not possible to install a classic roll-up security grille. Due to the slim profiles of the Stackdoor® stacking grilles, it is possible to secure access under these circumstances. After all, the thickness of the closed security grille remains the same as the thickness of the profile.

The Stackdoor® stacking gates can be placed on the inside or the outside of the display window.

Slim, stackable profiles ensure compact installation

Not just straight shapes

A unique feature of the Stackdoor® stacking gates is that we are not limited to just straight shapes. Because we stack and do not roll up, we can also make semicircular or round shapes, one or more arbitrary corners without corner profiles or a combination of corners and round shapes.

In addition, the Stackdoor® stacking grilles are available in much greater widths and heights than classic rolling grilles. We can go up to 16 m wide and 7 m high!

This opens up a lot of possibilities. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the burglary-resistant protection of revolving doors is also possible. Closing large glass walls, including the entrance doors of, for example, shopping centers is no problem at all. The many options in terms of dimensions and shapes ensure that your security gates match the appearance and house style of your shop or boutique and can be integrated into the architecture of your building, even if it has special shapes.

Be sure to take a look at the pages below for more information about our various shapes:

The most aesthetic security fence

In addition to the extensive possibilities of shapes, the finish of the Stackdoor® security grilles also plays a major role in an aesthetic end result. The Stackdoor® can be supplied in stainless steel, galvanized or powder coated in a RAL color of your choice.

Power coating is a unique advantage of the Stackdoor® security grilles. After all, the classic rolling grilles are rolled up. This means that they cannot actually be powder coated because the paint is irrevocably damaged when the gate is rolled up. Stackdoor® security fences do not roll up, but are stacked. This makes it perfectly possible to powder coat our stacking gates in the desired RAL color without the grille being damaged when opening or closing.

In this way, a Stackdoor® perfectly matches the color of your doors and windows or the house style of your company. This makes the whole look professional and stylish instead of the classic drab, gray roller grilles.

The color of the Stackdoor® security grille fits nicely with the rest of the windows and doors

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