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Newsletter April 2019

Security fence for round shapes.

The impossible is possible. Especially for revolving doors and other
preformed situations where security is required.

Due to the unique design and technology can do what with a roller shutter or roller grille is inaccurate.


Markthal Rotterdam uses Curved

On both the front and the rear of the Markthal in Rotterdam, the
revolving doors are secured by the Stackdoor stacking fence. Not
only the fences but also the enclosure and side guide are finished
with stainless steel so that it fully fits the overall picture.


Specification text for Architects

The safety requirements and design requirements for
buildings are becoming increasingly strict.

As in a project a huge variety of products are being installed,
Stackdoor wants to ease as much the use of their products.
Stackdoor facilitate in the design, registration and writing of
specifications for the protection of facades and entrance….


About Stackdoor Products

Stackdoor Products is based in The Netherlands in the city of
Harderwijk. With more than 30 years of experience, we are the
specialist in the production of security grilles. Our Stackdoor®
solution is the innovation in rolling and security doors.

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