Aldi Gorinchem renewed

Supermarket Aldi  in the Gorcumse Gildenwijk (shopping center) has been expanded considerably. The Kwakernaat  shopping center has expanded by more than 700 square meters.

Stackdoor was able to supply the security gates for the entire front and at the rear at the loading area for trucks. By using the Stackdoor stacking gates, the supermarket is properly secured and with more than 85% transparency, the store is also clearly visible after closing time. Where roller shutters had previously been drawn up in the specifications, Aldi consciously opted for Stackdoor. Due to the limited installation space, the gates are barely visible during opening hours. There are no large bins. As a result, the ceiling connects seamlessly to the Stackdoor security fences. Design and safety combined!

Photos below made by: Goran Milutinvic

Stackdoor Aldi
Stackdoor Aldi
Stackdoor Aldi Gorinchem

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