Rijnbout Architect Hudsons's Bay

Hudson Bay – Amsterdam – Stackdoor Curved


On the site of the former main building of Fortis, at the Rokin in Amsterdam, Rijnboutt Architects has designed an iconic building. Rokin 21 and Rokin 49 are both rented at Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) department store, which will open its headquarters here. The opening is scheduled in the summer of 2017.

The revolving doors at the front and back are secured by half-round Stackdoor stacking fences of no less than 5×5 meters. By bending the characteristic curves of the department store Stackdoor is part of the special architecture of this beautiful building. When open, the lateral guides will close to create a smooth wall. A technical masterpiece

Rijnboutt Architecten

3D curved fronts and windows for Hudson’s Bay

This project was carried out in collaboration with

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