extra wide rolling gate for furniture store Loods 5 Amersfoort

Extra wide rolling gate for furniture store Loods 5 in Amersfoort


Over the years, Loods 5 has grown into a fully-fledged furniture store with several branches. You will find not one, but dozens of different styles. In the shops and online you can go for new furniture and home accessories but also for a good dose of inspiration.


For their location in Amersfoort, the entrance had to be provided with a security grille. But this access is 10 meters wide. This would not be possible with a traditional roller grille or folding grille. The weight would be too high and the axle would bend. Even if this could be solved technically, the investment would be out of budget. That is why the customer started looking for an alternative to a traditional roller shutter and the customer ended up at Stackdoor®.


Stackdoor® security grilles are not rolled up. Stackdoor’s® elements are stacked when opening the security grille. As a result, much larger dimensions can be achieved than with a traditional roller grille. Stackdoor® consists of a robust structure, supported by multiple cables (depending on the width), so there is no risk of bending. Due to the technology used, the stacking gate is also much lighter, despite its excellent burglar-resistant properties. Because such challenges are included in our standard concepts, a Stackdoor® is a very affordable solution. After all, when designing our security grilles, we assume a worst-case scenario by default. The Stackdoor® XXL can be delivered to measure up to a width of 16 meters and a maximum height of up to 7 meters. stackdoor xxl

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This project was carried out by our own placement service.

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