CGT security

This project has been realized by our English dealer CGT security.

For this prime residential London development’s car park, Stackdoor Standard went above and beyond the requirement for a security measure that catered for ventilation.

Car park shutters within residential developments must offer ventilation and a source of natural light. Stackdoor Standard is an excellent solution as it provides up to 80% free open area through stack-and-pin technology.

Rather than rolling up like a regular shutter, the upright stacking feature of Stackdoor Standard eliminates the need for a traditional headbox.

Providing up to 80% ventilation by embracing stack-and-pin technology, Stackdoor shutters offer the residents of this London development a secured parking structure. The additional benefits of lower emissions are available as Stackdoor is one of the only security shutters to combine over 50% free open area with effective security, making this a unique solution to car park security

CS-Stackdoor-Standard-Royal-Wharf – Brochure