stackdoor curved security grille jewelry store Benelli Rotterdam

A complex curved security grille at jewelry store Benelli (Rotterdam)

A Stackdoor security grille that is burglar-proof and at the same time able to secure the organic shape of this jewelry store in Rotterdam in an aesthetic way?

Yes, that’s possible. Thanks to accurate point measurements and our advanced production process, this challenge was no problem and we ensured a chic look at jewelry store Benelli.


Benelli is a very well-known jeweler located in the Rotterdam Zuidplein shopping center.This shopping center has been completely renovated and the opening is on January 25, 2023. Benelli’s store is located in the centre of Zuidplein.


The old grille, which had to be opened and closed horizontally by hand, was worn out. The special thing about Benelli’s shop in the shopping centre is that it is an island with an organic shape. With a straight roller gate or roller shutter, the store would really not come into its own and a lot of space would be lost. The curved shape of Stackdoor Curved stacking grilles offers the right solution, but the curve of the organic shape consists of no less than 5 radiuses per Stackdoor. A great challenge for our team, who carried out the assignment with flying colours!


Jeweler Benelli has therefore decided to place 2 pieces of Stackdoor Curved. In the middle is only a very compact vertical stand for both Stackdoors, so that there is maximum visibility left in the store. Due to the 5 different radiuses per Stackdoor, we have carried out point measurements. The results of these measurements were loaded into our CAD system and thus the exact bending was calculated and realized. This is a very complex process, but thanks to our expert engineers and good cooperation with the various departments, the end result was beautifully executed. The two Stackdoor security grilles are made entirely of stainless steel, which gives a chic look to the store in a closed situation.

This project used Stackdoor Curved security grilles with 5 different radiuses.

  • Dimensions : 7 m wide, 3,5 m high
  • Quantity : 2 pieces
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Operation : key
  • Drive : with cardan

This project was carried out in collaboration with

This project was installed by our partner Safetydoors.

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