Stackdoor Loods 5 Amersfoort

About Stackdoor Products

Team Stackdoor security shuttersStackdoor Products is based in The Netherlands in the city of Harderwijk.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are the specialist in the production of security grilles. Our Stackdoor® solution is the innovation in rolling and security doors.

Mission Supported by our extensive experience and innovative development, it is our mission to create high-quality, innovative security grilles with a modern, refined image. With continued product development and feeling with the market, Stackdoor Products has become the trendsetter in the field of security for tourniquet doors, storefronts, parking garages and homes. This has resulted in the innovation in security solutions: the Stackdoor.

In addition to the Stackdoor, the product range of Stackdoor Products also includes cabinetry for tobacco products, shutters and sliding systems.

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