Innovative Security Door

Stackdoor, the security door that does not roll


Stackdoor  opens a door to a new era in safety doors. The first significant innovation in decades in this field offers: a lightweigth and strong safety door, not liftable, easy installation, contemporary design, large reduction of installation space over standard door designs and available in every possible colour (or combination of colours).

For the first time it is possible to acchieve the highest safety standards with the possibility to create almost any shape. Curved doors, corner solutions and large span without extra side guides. Stackdoor has almost limitless design possibilities.

Minimum Installation Space

For a traditional, average rolling grille a minimum installation space of 400mm x 500mm is required. By stacking the slat-profiles ‘roll-up’ diameter is no longer an issue. Stackdoor has, by an average size door, a build in space requirement of 30mm x 400mm.

Optimal Transparancy

It is possible to park the slat-profiles either on the top or bottom of the system. Allowing to always achieve maximum aperture. Even the use of the cavity between walls or a slot in the floor is one of many possibilities.

Stackdoor stapelhekReliable and Strong

Through Stackdoors innovative technique one of the largest problems with traditional rolling doors is history. No additional padlocks or other extra safety measures wich are required to secure and avoid forceful lifting of Stackdoor. The slat-profiles have been created with a smart balance between weight and strength which makes a heavy security class feasible

With resistance class 2, determined according to NEN 5096, has an opportunity burglar with conventional tools in general at least three minutes to break into the house.

Lightweight and strong
Forceful lifting not possible
Corner solutions and curves possible
Large span without extra side guides
Lower energy consumption, less motor capacity
needed by use of lighter motor.
Easy installation
Available in any colour or colour combination
Available in stainless steel
No shutterbox needed
Can be integrated with exterior commercial signing
Easily maintained.

Stackdoor Security ShutterIdeal for:
Shopping Centres
Service and information desks
Trade halls
Separation between private parking bays
Interior construction

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