Stackdoor Stapelhekken

Security grille

Stackable & aesthetic

Stackdoor® is an innovative security grille whose elements stack instead of rolling up. Composed of side profiles guiding horizontal steel tubes (stainless orgalvanized) and vertical steel connectors (stainless or galvanized), Stackdoor® can be used in any situation, even those where the installation volume is extremely small. Thanks to the unique “stack-and-pin” technology, the vertical connector rods disappear into the horizontal tubes thanks to clever perforations and the grille retracts vertically by stacking rather than rolling up.

An anti-burglary security solution, Stackdoor® is in the process of EN 1627-1630 standardization for levels RC2 & RC3 and CE compliance. Stackdoor® has a unique patented mechanism that automatically locks after the grille is closed, making it impossible to force lift it.

Stackdoor®, in addition to offering protection, also guarantees visibility and air circulation with a slim and strong design. Available in STANDARD, CORNER, CURVED & XXL versions, Stackdoor® is an aesthetic grille suitable for all types of architecture, even the most original.

4 Main Applications to Secure Your Access

Points of Sale & Luxury Shops

Merchants who want to display their storefront products even after the store has closed turn to Stackdoor®. Indeed, our grilles offer maximum visibility (82% opening) while guaranteeing the safety of the goods displayed for sale.

Car parks

Whether for car parks in underground or overhead buildings, Stackdoor® security grilles are an excellent alternative to traditional road barriers, speedgates and shutters because they increase security and prevent full access to protected areas, they allow both the ventilation of spaces but also the supply of natural light. The optional high-speed motor ensures that the gate fast opens and allows many movements per day.

Airports and train stations

Like the busy arteries of city centers, airports and train stations are places of sale with a lot of passage, also besides opening hours. Opting for Stackdoor® is the guarantee of exhibiting your products 100% of the time. Metro stations, train stations and malls open to the public can also be partitioned using Stackdoor® grids, so as to channel passenger flows.

Entrances for public buildings

Stackdoor® prevents access to building entrances and facades as soon as they are closed. Thanks to its standard models but also «CORNER» and «CURVED», Stackdoor® adapts to all types of constructions, including those with organic shapes architecture.

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Advantages of the Stackdoor stacking grilles

  • Space-saving: takes up less space than a classic roller grille.
  • Burglar-resistant and vandal-resistant thanks to sturdy, heavy-duty construction.
  • Open structure with unobstructed view, ventilation and attractive appearance.
  • Available in stainless steel, galvanized and all RAL colours.
  • Different shapes possible: straight, curved or as a corner model.
  • Available in XXL sizes: up to 7m high and up to 24m wide


Stackdoor® is a product of ICOMET GROUP

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